MORS Software webinars are available for free, on-demand playback, whether or not you attended the original live program. Catch up on central topics for Treasury, Liquidity and ALM in banks.

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Benefits from flexible set-ups and rule-engines

The webinar presents the benefits received when using an ALM system with flexible set-ups and rule-engines. 


IRR Survey 2019 - Key Findings

The webinar presents the key findings from the IRR Survey 2019, which was published in 1st of April 2019. 


What’s new in MORS 5.8

In line with MORS semiannual release cycle, a new version of MORS was released in December 2018. This webinar, covers highlights of the new functionalities.


Managing Structural Interest Rate Risk

The webinar  discusses and presents some practical “what-if” scenarios for Interest Rate Risk, concerning both NMDs and the banks equity, where different assumptions and stress-scenarios are applied both for yield curves and balance sheet items.  


Integrated Treasury ALM Approach (in Spanish)

Este seminario web demuestra cómo es posible integrar el manejo de posiciones de tesorería y la administración del libro bancario en un solo sistema, permitiendo una gestión total de los riesgos de balance.