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Bullet-Proofing your Treasury & ALM Target Operating Model for the 21st Century

When the ECB/SSM released the 2018 SREP results earlier in April 2019, the title of the press release was “Banks must improve risk management”, reaching the conclusion that, when compared with results from 2017, bank governance and risk management have worsened. Why is it that banks are failing to measure, manage and mitigate material exposures, be that risks to capital or liquidity, in an effective and timely manner? The primary causes are largely related to Risk Infrastructure, Data and Reporting.

Peter Serlachius, Partner of MORS Software, alongside Niklas Fellman, Head of Sales, will discuss the 2018 SREP results and demonstrate how both efficient Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting as well as Scenario Analysis Capabilities will improve the Internal Governance and Risk Management framework of banks, making them fit for purpose.