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Intra-Day Cash and Collateral Management as part of your holistic Liquidity Risk Management Framework

The need to incorporate Intra-Day risk as part of your wider Liquidity Risk Framework is increasing rapidly as the global payment landscape continues to evolve.

The increased shift towards Instant Payments requires banks to monitor, forecast and manage their exposure far better. Intra-Day exposure is also firmly up on the regulatory agenda.

In this Webinar, MORS Software will discuss the challenges mentioned above and how banks can integrate Intra-Day within their wider Liquidity Risk Management Framework, breaking down risk silos and simplifying the system landscape.


Peter Serlachius, Partner of MORS Software, alongside Niklas Fellman, Head of Sales, will discuss the Intra-Day challenges and demonstrate how Intra-Day can be managed as part of a holistic Liquidity Risk Management Framework.