REPORTING – How Holistic real-time approach for Treasury, Risk, Liquidity and ALM helps?

This webinar is the second in a series of MORS Software webinars on “Holistic approach for Treasury and ALM”.

The webinar looks at reporting needs and how data for reporting can be produced and extracted automatically and effectively from the same data used for managing Treasury, Risk, Liquidity and ALM in an integrated treasury system. The webinar elaborates how flexible configurability of treasury system enables easy adjustment to any regulatory requirements and how this enhances reporting processes and improves reporting quality.

The webinar looks also at other benefits brought by a treasury system that breaks down silos and combines Treasury, Risk, Liquidity and dynamic ALM analytics into one solution. In addition to streamlining reporting, the integrated system offers monitoring and managing the interaction of different metrics. Forecasting of liquidity metrics and interest rate risk scenarios are key capabilities for dynamic management and steering of financial planning and ALM.

In the webinar, Mika Mustakallio and Jari Ojanen discuss and illustrate the above and demonstrate the flexible configurability of MORS solutions for regulatory requirements.


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23 November 2016