MORS consulting services provide help for banks to meet the numerous requirements set for the financial industry.

MORS consulting services are primarily provided jointly with the implementation of MORS solution. Recently the focus has been on challenges caused by market liquidity concerns, dynamic ALM needs and new directives related to these, such as the IRRBB (Interest Rate Risk in Banking Book), IFRS9 (especially related to Hedge Accounting and Credit Default reserves), ILAAP (Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process) and ICAAP (Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process), SREP (Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process) and BRRD (Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive).

As all banks are different, it is essential to understand the way the constraints interconnect to enable the banks to comply with the internal and external requirements that have been set. MORS consulting services help with finding the right focus and assist in establishing internal guidelines accordingly.


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