MORS is different – MORS projects are thoroughly scoped in advance. With highly standardised  procedures, MORS is integrated smoothly without causing any disturbance for the existing IT-architecture in the bank. 

The MORS team executes implementation for the client as part of the solution's delivery process, and tailors the implementation process according to each client’s needs and preferences. MORS solution works on any underlying architecture, and does not require changes to be made to existing systems, nor causes any service interruptions during implementation or use. Thanks to the easy integration with any existing system, MORS solution can be implemented by the bank itself or by its preferred third party integrator.



MORS integrates to any existing architecture

  • Thorough scoping procedure
  • Highly standardised implementation process
  • No changes required for other systems
  • Causes no service interruptions
  • Time to production in weeks


MORS integrates through automated interfaces

  • With file extractions from any existing source system
  • Standard MORS XML schema as an alternative, works both to and from MORS
  • Tailored interfaces to several commercial systems available



MORS is a standard software solution with default configurations for data aggregation

  • Aggregating both wholesale and retail banking items
  • Compliant with BCBS 239 Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting (PERDARR)
  • For internal and regulatory requirements

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