MORS is a complete Treasury, Liquidity Risk Management and ALM (Asset and Liability Management) solution for banks.


MORS Treasury ALM offerings serve various banking sector needs

Depending on your priorities, MORS solution and its modules are packaged to meet the following needs. 


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MORS solution is based on intelligent and powerful in-memory analytics, offering real-time analysis and reporting throughout the entire bank, integrating both treasury and banking book sides of the bank.

Financial institutions use MORS for monitoring, managing and optimising their performance within internal and external constraints. 

MORS Solution is divided functionally to modules for different types of users and needs. 


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MORS BALANCE SHEET MANAGER – offers a real-time Asset and Liability Management system (ALM system), with static and dynamic models for analysing and forecasting interest rate risk and margins (IRR, NII, EaR, EVE etc.)

MORS TREASURY MANAGER – offers a front-to-back Treasury Management System (TMS), including real-time risk management and reporting (deal input, deal workflow, bookkeeping entries etc.)

MORS LIQUIDITY MANAGER – offers a real-time Liquidity Risk Management system, with forecasting and stress-testing of liquidity scenarios and metrics (LCR, liquidity planning, liquidity stress testing etc.) 

MORS TRANSFER PRICE MANAGER – offers a dynamic Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) system



MORS LIMITS & ALERTS – offers an automated exposure and limit management system 

MORS MULTI SITE MANAGER – offers a consolidated global enterprise-wide-risk system for monitoring and managing several geographical locations

MORS VaR – offers a Value at Risk (VaR) system