MORS Alerts & Warnings is an add-on module for all MORS users.


The proactive alerts of MORS Alerts & Warnings are always on, saving time and manual effort by continuously monitoring and detecting deviations against set limits. MORS Alerts & Warnings performs automated real-time controls for the bank to prevent unexpected losses.


MORS Alerts & Warnings offers a real-time alerting and warning mechanism for business, control and management monitoring needs. MORS Alerts & Warnings provides user subscribed alerts for different areas of responsibility. Even top management not using MORS in their daily routines can be informed of critical deviations via real-time e-mail or mobile messages generated by MORS Alerts & Warnings.


Like all MORS Add-On modules, MORS Alerts & Warnings integrates seamlessly with other MORS modules, offering additional functionalities for Treasury, Liquidity Risk Management and ALM (Asset and Liability Management) in banks.