With MORS Integrated ALM (Asset & Liability Management) approach, banks can monitor, manage and report interest rate risk and liquidity risk in one system.

The Integrated ALM approach includes a dynamic FTP mechanism for pricing and profitability analysis.

By breaking silos, MORS creates an integrated framework for Balance Sheet structuring, steering, planning and optimisation.

Instantly available ALM analytics in MORS are enabled by fully automated data management and in-memory processing.

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• IRR and Liquidity risk management in one system

• Covers both internal and regulatory requirements

• Dynamic modelling of Balance Sheet

• EBA IRRBB compliant

• EVE, EaR, NII, NIM, LCR, NSFR & ALMM calculations & forecasts

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• Forward looking analytics drive profitability through balance sheet optimisation

• Highly cost efficient with low maintenance costs and new versions included in the license

• User friendly and intuitive scenario generation & stress testing