A real-time system for dynamic Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) for Treasury, ALM and Balance Sheet managers in banks.


MORS Transfer Price Manager is an efficient steering tool, where FTP levels can be altered dynamically and the effects can be monitored in real-time. It enables banks to create and maintain highly automated and transparent internal funds transfer pricing processes.


MORS Transfer Price Manager rule engine supports pricing based on different classification criteria, enabling its users to include:

  • Economic value of liquidity based on Maturity, Basis, Currency, Instrument, Counterparty, Contingent exposure etc.

  • Regulatory value of impact on regulatory metrics, such as LCR and NSFR

  • Competitive value, with inclusion of steering elements (bonus & malus)


MORS Transfer Price Manager is a unique support tool for the various business areas in their daily communication with external clients and treasury. With transparent pricing, the effects of changes to different pricing parameters are observable in real-time, which improves internal and external communication.


The flexible rule engine of MORS Transfer Price Manager allows to incorporate any pricing criteria in the solution, making MORS Transfer Price Manager adjustable for any pricing requirements of different financial institutions.